About Africa 360 Travel

Safari Travel Company Donating 100% of Profits


“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”

-Kwame Nhrumah

We love Africa.  It’s in our heart and we’re all about Africa 360 Travel!

Whether you’re looking for a classic safari, a private off-the-beaten path journey, a conservation/mission driven adventure, a small group safari, or a personal exploration of Africa’s cultures and rituals, Africa 360 Travel will personalize your dream safari.

Throughout Africa, you’ll be spellbound by the stunning natural resources, distinct ecosystems and the warm and generous spirit of the African people.  It’s unmatched wildlife, mesmerizing landscapes and fascinating cultures make it the ideal safari (and adventure) destination.

Whether you’re exploring The Great Migration, known as the greatest wildlife show on earth (and the only animal migration that can be seen from outer space) or the mighty Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’re in good hands with our team of experts.

Time in the bush rejuvenates the spirit and opens a lens into the world’s most spectacular wildlife where endangered species compete with declining habitat, poverty and poaching.  This struggle brings our mission into clear focus to evolve from simply traveling on vacation/holiday to Traveling with Purpose.

Africa 360 was born out of our intense love of wildlife + conservation. It all started with a casual plea from a friend to plan a safari “with purpose” after she heard about our hands-on experiences in Botswana with African Wild Dogs.   She wanted more than just a typical safari.   She wanted exclusive access to people, places and experiences only available through our network of world-class conservation partners across East and Southern Africa.

The goal of the conservation groups we visit is to ensure these species and landscapes remain for future generations.   This can only be accomplished with a holistic approach that involves the local communities.  On our trips, you’ll see firsthand how the projects employ, educate, and engage the communities where wildlife is most endangered.

After years of exploring this diverse and awe-inspiring continent, our vast relationships and expertise allow us to delight and serve our clients beyond expectation.

We are African wildlife enthusiasts whose mission is to raise awareness of successful conservation projects and support the preservation of Africa’s wildlife.  We’re proud to be the only not-for-profit safari travel company that donates 100% of profits to African wildlife conservation + community projects.

We provide our clients with once-in-a-lifetime VIP access to wildlife in partnership with our conservation heroes.  We support and partner with respected non-profit organizations and prominent researchers who are making a difference to preserve and protect Africa’s wildlife.  When you travel with Africa 360, you always get a unique and luxury safari experience.  No detail is overlooked, and all our guests are treated like family, regardless of budget.

Throughout your journey, we’ll introduce you to some of the most beautiful and wild places on earth.  We look forward to welcoming you home to Africa for a safari adventure that will awaken the soul and surpass your wildest dreams!

Cathryn and Rob

Founders, Africa 360