Rich in Wildlife and Culture


The Quintessential “Out of Africa” Safari Destination

Kenya is the most revered of Africa’s safari destinations in east Africa.  It is geographically diverse, from awe-inspiring mountain ranges to lush forests and golden beaches, to wide-open plains and The Great Migration.

Kenya offers spectacular natural beauty in one of the most unspoiled places on earth, but it also gets you up close and personal with Africa’s most sought-after wildlife and warm people rich in culture.

Kenya is home to many of the most endangered wildlife – Lions, Elephants (including the last remaining Big Tusker Elephants), Giraffe, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Grevy’s Zebra and African Wild Dogs, to name a few.

It’s the quintessential classic safari destination in a country brimming with romance and culture.  Nothing says “classic safari” quite like a Kenyan safari.

Best time to travel: January – March & June – December

Africa360Travel Kenya Map
Africa360Travel Kenya Gorilla Image

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